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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nice, October 16-18, 2006

Out of the station on our way to our hostel on the night of 16th, we pass the under construction yet very busy avenue with all the big stores, Jean Medecin. Our hostel was not very far off from the train station and we even picked up groceries for dinner. We come to our hostel “Les Camelias” to find it to be the best one so far, jazzy and invigorating paint, bar at the reception, nice shower in the dorm room, beautiful kitchen, (so expensive) laundry inside and wi-fi. We were in no doubt that we will spend most of our vacation in Nice relaxing indoors. Anyway, we need to whet our appetite after Paris for all that Italy has to offer.

Our dorm mates this time were, Tanya and Harout, a very beautiful and nice couple from Canada. They were on an all France trip this time. The beach was also 15 minutes a walk away. So in the morning we woke up early, 7 am (early??? Well it is a vacation and we have no alarm), took a shower and headed for the beach. It was almost deserted but that only enhanced the beauty of this Mediterranean beach. The azure blue waters are always pleasing to the eye. We sat down for a short Sudarshan Kriya (which we were not able to do for a long while). Wow, that was really invigorating.

The beach was so inviting that in the afternoon we headed again for the beach. The next moment to when we were there Tarun was in the sea and was calling me as well. With some hesitation I also went inside and in some time I was also enjoying only because my hand was in safe hands. But the waves seemed to not like us and were throwing us away on to the coast.

On the last day in Nice we decided to just stroll around a while. We tried an Indian restaurant close to our hostel succumbing to the desires of our taste buds for desi food. The food was good but the desire still remains. We walked back again to the beach and this time to find a French woman, Maryse, along the way who stopped to chat with us on the street to tell us here experience from her India trip. We chatted quite a while on the street and then over a cup of coffee, with my minimal French knowledge and pictionary style communication, about India, French people and Italy.

There might be many things to do in Nice but this was our vacation idea for Nice and it was nice.


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