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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Half Marathon at Lake Chelan

I finished my second half marathon at Lake Chelan this Saturday on September 16th, 2006. This time I did it with Tarun and that was the only motivating factor for me to keep running after 8 miles or so. I am not sure what it was that kept me from going after I finished my 11th mile but Tarun kept me going. I am very sure that if he was not around I would have walked the last 2 miles.

Nevertheless, Lake Chelan is pretty not unlike most places in Washington. But unlike any other place I have seen before driving to Lake Chelan and around it we can see lots of lush orchards of Red (the famous) Washington apples, pears, peaches and even the pretty vineyards. This was quite a beautiful site for me I had never seen fruit laden trees in a plantation before. We went camping at the Lake Chelan State Park with another couple, Vishal and Neha. It was quite some fun. We pitched a single tent for the four of us and spent two freezing cold nights there. Vishal and Neha did quite well in their races winning them in their age groups. I tried for the first time in my life driving a motor boat in the Lake Chelan. Though at a snail pace, I had a lot of fun. We all had lots of high calorie food and made up for more than what we lost in the half marathon.

Chelan is a very small town which can be covered on foot (or at least it appeared so). I will remember it forever as a place where I ran the last half marathon before leaving the US for good. After all for me a half marathon is quite some distance to run ...


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