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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bharatpur, Rajasthan

We are in bird paradise!

This year there was no rain and the Keoladeo National Park (KNP) was dry not suited for its typical migratory birds. Still with the help our guide (Mr. Sharma, +91 9414026396), we were able to spot many beautiful birds and understand KNP's importance as a world heritage site. This was our first national park visit in India and we were truly impressed by the Indian forest services work there.

Swarovski invested some money in the park to build a visitor's center. At this center, they make you take the enviornmental oath, which made us realize that we (human beings) supposedly the most intelligent species on the planet have a responsibility towards our mother nature. And, we need to fulfill that through all the everyday choices that we make.

Bharatpur, the home of KNP, is a small town. The local transport (rickshaw and autos) are no different than Agra here. I don't know what it was, but we received treatment of a foreigner here as well. On our way to Deeg (a small town about 35 Kms from Bharatpur) in the evening, we met a curious man, who was really excited to see foreigners (non Rajasthanis). He offered us to visit his home and have dinner with his family. We were again in the Rajasthan roadways bus and it was a joyride again (cheap and a lot of fun). The bus would even stop to pick up a man hurt on the road in an accident to take him to a hospital.

The gentleman we met on the bus was our guide to the Deeg. It was dark and we regret we could not enjoy the Deeg Palace, but our guide had interesting stories for us (not sure about their genuiness). He even treated us to some tea and help us catch our bus back to Bharatpur. We came to our neat little guest house (Kiran guest house) hungry and tired to some great home cooked meal and great service.


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