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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Vatican, Oct. 21, 2006

It was Saturday and we decided to go to the Vatican Museum and Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. It was neat to visit another country out of Rome itself. Rome had been a hubbub till now and there was never an inch to set a foot in the Metro and station but on Saturday we were wondering where all the people went. We reached the Vatican Museum at around 10 and we knew that all the people were here J. That was the longest line for tickets we ever saw starting at the museum to the Saint Peter’s Basilica, well more than 700 people. We dropped the idea to visit the museum that day instead went to the Basilica, the greatest church on earth. It was truly a great church but not very impressive. The pieta by Michaelangelo at the start of the church was one of the best sculptures we had ever seen. One could also climb up the Basilica and get to the top. So we decided on that. There were warnings every where about the 390 steps to the top and about the claustrophobic feeling that people may get. It was not until we were inside climbing up that we realized how hard it was. I was short of air and had to take a few stops to catch some breath. The steps were very small and the passage very narrow and tilted as well. But the view of the Vatican City at the top makes it all worthwhile.

On Monday, we made another failed attempt at the Vatican Museum. That place seems really popular.


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