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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jhujhunu and Sati

Today, we are in Jhujhunu, the land of Sati practice where the wife of a dead man burns herself on the husband’s funeral pyre. Sati is banned in India by the activism of Raja Ram Mohun Roy. But, people pray Sati Mata very religiously in the biggest Sati Mandir in India (in jhujhunu).

The temple is huge and a work of art. Ceiling of Rajasthani fabric, main temple compound and pillars of carved silver and painted walls with the story of Sati are a joy to watch. There are small temples for some women, who were Sati and people worship those as well. The temple administration has put up boards that they are against sati practice and we too have not heard any news of practicing of Sati (though Mark Tully writes about that in one of his books about India) of late.

It takes long in India to get rid of bad practices and superstitions, but eventually the cause is just and well championed, things do change for better.


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