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Friday, November 17, 2006

Old city of Jaipur, the real Pink City

Today we had a rendezvous with the Jaipur that is a heaven for tourists both domestic and foreign. Yes! You would have to negotiate with one of the craziest traffic in the world, but Jaipur, the old city, is a true treat beyond that. This is the Pink city, the city of royal heritage.

We visited the Hawa Mahal, a foundation less palace, which stands strong based on the air passing through its hundreds of windows. Onto from there, we visited an eye opener to the highly advanced 18th century observatory, Jantar Mantar of Jaipur built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Our guide was very helpful who explained the visionary observatory that is still used as a laboratory for current astronomers. It is impressive to know how scholarly was Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The laboratory showcases some of the most advanced instruments to measure time and the activities of the celestial bodies.

City Palace may be one of the best kept palaces. The current king of Jaipur is one of the progressive kings. He took care to decorate and display their heritage for the tourists. A workshop for upcoming artists at the palace is another unique initiative for not letting the traditional art to die. While in the palace one comes across the life and times of one of the most progressive kings of Jaipur Raja Man Singh II and one admires him for his vision to make Jaipur a cherished place to visit.

We then visited the Jaigarh fort, the home of world’s largest cannon on wheel, Jaivan. Jaigarh fort is maintained by the current Raja of Jaipur (mentioned above). Tarun is probably scanning any administration in India for good management and he found that of Jaigarh fort at par. We used a local guide book sold for INR 30 at the ticket windows to navigate around and were spell bound by the magnanimity of this fort. Here, we were served Royal Veg Biryani by the cheif cook of Maharaja Man Singh II. It was quite an experience to talk to a person who is the real connoisseur od food and has really made his cookking available to common people. At 96, he still cooks for the royal family and surprisingly looks not older than 60.


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