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Thursday, December 14, 2006


A dream fort, an 850 years old legacy, a little world inside the fort, exquisite golden sandstone carvings and jaisalmeri natives who speak french , the golden city of Jaisalmer is there to spellbind you. Inside the fort it is an entire city that sees all of its days and nights inside the fort when the tourist season is in. The fort has truly discovered tourism where musicians and folk artists display their talents and the main cuisine available apart from Indian is Italian. Services are not expensive due to competition and there are plenty of options. Persuasive sellers are still there but we found our experience there to be pleasant.

The temples and palaces of the fort are charming while the narrow lanes passing through are a riot of colors and the traditional art on display quintessential (at least at the face of it :)). I find Rajasthani art to be delicate and attractive and all of it is there for us to make our own. We particularly like the Jain temple inside the fort for its breathtaking art.

Beauty of this city is the golden sandstone that is used to make havelis and modest house alike and is left unpainted by the residents understanding the charm of its majestic color. Some may and will always differ but Jaisalmer is relatively cleaner and less noisy than all the cities of Rajasthan.

Worth a visit is the Desert Cultural Center, next to tourist reception center, a single man's effort to preserve the traditional art of puppeteering. The uppet show in the evening brings you face-to-face with this dexterous work of hands and a melange of folk music and songs.

The lack of water and so the vegetation can certainly not be mistaken for the lack of life. The vibrant colors of turbans and chunris contrasting again the desert gold (the sand) is a sheer joy to watch.


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